EMS advice request and outreach guides

Last updated on 01 July 2022

Guides to help you prepare and submit EMS advice requests in ProWorkflow, and our guide to telehealth consultations for outreach services.

EMS advice request guides

Use these guides to help you prepare your request for EMS advice.

Guide for EMS Assessor: Modular ramps (PDF, 200 KB, 2 pages)

EMS advice request guide - Equipment (DOCX, 70 KB, 2 pages)

EMS advice request guide - Housing (DOCX, 72 KB, 2 pages)

EMS advice request guide - Wheelchair (DOCX, 75 KB, 2 pages)

EMS advice request guide -Secondary mobility bases and/or seating options  (DOCX, 130 KB, 4 pages)

Wheelchair and seating outreach guides

If you're requesting advice through our EMS outreach services, and considering a telehealth consultation, see our guide:

A guide to using telehealth: General information when assessing a client for mobility and seating solutions (PDF, 448 KB)

Making EMS advice requests in ProWorkflow (PWF)

How to use ProWorkflow to send a request for EMS advice to our professional (EMS) advisory team.

Before you begin

Have your EMS advice request form –and any attachments–completed, saved and ready to attach.

Ensure you use the current EMS advice form

Tip: When saving documents to your desktop before uploading to PWF,  please ensure they are labelled correctly.  For example, 'MONDAY Frank NHI2345 picture of kitchen'.

Have your ProWorkflow login.

Request access to ProWorkflow (if needed)

What to do

  1. Log in to ProWorkFlow (external website)
    ProWorkFlow login screen with username and password fields
  2. Click New Project Request
    Green button with the text new project request

  3. Select template ‘EMS Advice’
    A drop-down field called use template

  4. Edit the Title field to enter your client’s name and type of advice required.
    Text field with a label of title

  5. Click Select Files, click on your files and click the Open button to attach them to your request.
    File upload field with the option to select files or drag and drop

  6. Click Save to send your request to our advisory team.
    Green button with the text save

ProWorkflow user guide

Download our ProWorkflow user guide for more details, including how to:

  • view, search and sort your requests
  • receive, reply to and send messages (emails) about your request.
  • view the outcome summary from the EMS advisor.

ProWorkFlow user guide: EMS advice requests