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Find a professional contact

Enable New Zealand (ENZ) contractors for equipment repairs, housing modifications and vehicle modification services.

Equipment subcontractors

A list of ENZ subcontractors who repair and maintain equipment we issue for the Ministry of Health.

Equipment subcontractors contact list (ENAS006) (PDF, 488 KB, 10 pages)

Find an equipment technician in your area

Housing modification contractors

Contact details for ENZ’s contractor for ACC housing modification services.

Find out more about Service Resources Ltd

A list of ENZ housing advisors, contractors and consultants who provide housing modification services we manage for the Ministry of Health. 

Ministry of Health building contractors, consultants and housing advisors contact list (ENAH107) (PDF, 691 KB, 10 pages)

Vehicle modification subcontractors and assessors

A list of subcontractors who provide vehicle modification services we manage for the Ministry of Health.

Vehicle EMS technician subcontractor contact list (ENAV505) (PDF, 153 KB, 2 pages)

A list of Ministry of Health approved therapists who assess disabled people and passengers for vehicle modifications.

Vehicle EMS assessors contact list (ENAV506) (PDF, 192 KB, 2 pages)