Need information about disability services? Find it on Firstport

With almost 1 in 4 New Zealanders living with some kind of disability there is a huge need for accurate and valuable information to be available about what support people can access to help them live more independent lives.

Firstport is a new national website that takes the hassle out of searching for the information you require - it pulls it all into one place, acting as your first port of call for advice, support and guidance on disability related subjects.

“We understand that the amount of information out there about disability supports and services can be daunting to sift through,” says Amanda Cockburn, Web & Technology Manager for Firstport. “We wanted to enable people to find the information and resources they need in a quick and easy way.  We designed Firstport to be clear, consistent and completely accessible for anyone visiting our site.”

When you visit Firstport you can find information broken into sections such as ‘funding assistance’, ‘employment’, ‘education’, ‘transport’ and ‘modifications’. Within these sections you will find an overview of what is available, how you can find out if you are eligible for support and who to contact next.

There are also sections where you can search for your nearest Disability Information Centre or support groups that you could benefit from. Firstport also features latest local, regional and international news and details of events that might be of interest.

“Firstport is a non-biased, independent website which provides people with the information they need to make the decisions that are right for them,” adds Amanda. “Over time we will be adding more sections and would welcome ideas from people on what we should cover. We hope that Firstport becomes a trusted and well-used resource for the disability community and their family/whanau in New Zealand.”


You can visit Firstport by going to (external website)   

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