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Improving Luca’s quality of life

Luca and his brother watching bubbles outside

Three-and-half year-old Luca, like most toddlers, enjoys spending time with his brother and cousins, getting out and about, making noises, and chatting—and now thanks to his gravity chair, he’s able to do it all more comfortably.

Luca has low muscle tone, so he doesn’t walk or sit up on his own. Having the gravity chair, with its accompanying wheelbase, means Luca can move around and spend quality time with his family.

“Luca’s gravity chair has been an absolutely amazing addition to his life,” says Luca’s mum, Georgina. “It has made it more comfortable for Luca to sit for longer periods of time instead of having to lay down and he is able to sit and play with his brother and cousins. It’s been so helpful being able to move him around the house.”

Luca previously had a pram with a detachable base, but it was a bit stiff and rigid and difficult to move around. In contrast, the gravity seat provides Luca with more support and is easy to move around, which is important as he often has appointments to go to.

“It allows Luca to sit with us at home, or we can take it to his grandparents, and we can put it on the couch so he can sit with us. We’ve even taken it to our niece’s party at the rec centre and he was able to join in,” says Georgina.

“It’s made Luca’s quality of life a lot better, and it’s better for our family too.”