MidCentral DHB Health, Safety and Wellbeing Award presented to Enable New Zealand’s Jo Brew

On Monday, June 15, Enable New Zealand Administrator Jo Brew was awarded MidCentral District Health Board’s annual Health, Safety and Wellbeing Award. The award was presented by MDHB Occupational Health and Safety Advisor Carina Roodt at a morning tea in our Main Street Office.

Recipients of this award are staff who place a high personal value on safety, actively promote safety in the workplace, mentor others in safety, demonstrate leadership in safety, and go the extra mile to benefit others’ health, safety and wellbeing.

Going beyond the basics for safety

Jo has been a part of Enable New Zealand’s Health & Safety Committee since February 2015 when she started taking minutes for the group. When the position of chair was vacated in April 2017, Jo stepped up to fill the gap.

As recognised in her nomination, Jo has taken the lead in planning and actioning health and safety initiatives in her role as chair, including:

  • workplace safety audits,
  • collation and distribution of a Hazards Register,
  • trials of our Evacuation Plan,
  • National NZ Shake-Out drill
  • and Health & Safety orientations for new staff.

The committee also ensures that safety documentation is up to date for each of the sites and that each office has enough staff who are certified in first aid.

Rounding out the role

In addition to her leading role on the Health & Safety Committee, Jo has also represented Enable New Zealand on MidCentral’s Health and Safety Leadership Committee, and she is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Safety Management.

In 2020, Jo has also been part of Enable New Zealand’s Wellness and Wellbeing Group, a subgroup of the Health & Safety Committee that was created to focus specifically on proactive wellbeing initiatives in the organisation.

For Jo, health and safety is an ongoing part of her work. “I think it’s really important to continue improving with health and safety,” she said, “and I don’t think we’ll ever be finished with it. It’s like gardening. It’s never finished. But I do what I do because I care about our staff.”

Photo of nominee holding an award