Enable New Zealand advisor provides support to the community through EASIE Living

Kate Spear has worked at Enable New Zealand for nine years as an Advisor, but recently, she’s started engaging and supporting disabled community members and their whānau in a different capacity—on the ground floor.

Kate’s new role is part of a pilot programme being run out of Enable New Zealand’s EASIE Living Centre in Palmerston North. This branch is set up as a retail store, disability information centre and fully accessible demonstration home to showcase the types of support equipment and services that are available to our community.

Kate’s specialised knowledge is helping to upskill the EASIE Living Centre retail team so they can become more proficient in guiding customers to the support they need. Over the past few months Kate, supported by other Enable New Zealand Advisors, has been advising customers in store as well hosting community workshops and demonstrations on niche topics like fallprevention, carer resilienceactivities of daily living and mobility equipment.

As a qualified Registered Occupational Therapist and Enable New Zealand Advisor with in-depth knowledge of the industry, available equipment and an understanding of the common frustrations of identifying and sourcing the support you need when living with a disability, Kate is an ideal person to engage with the community. Kate is able to inform members of our disabled community on what their options are and guide them to the right channels to source the support they need.

This initiative is one of many that Enable New Zealand is currently undertaking to bring better, more customised services to our disabled or elderly communities. As we get closer to our customer and listen to their stories, we are continuing to invest in products and services that bring greater agency and freedom to their journeys.