Spectacle subsidy credits

Last updated on 09 May 2022

Information for spectacle subsidy providers requesting credits for application errors or cancellations, or notifying us of an incorrect payment.

Subsidy paid but submitted under the wrong employer or branch 

Please send the PDF subsidy claim form to enable@enable.co.nz 

You’ll receive a response within 24 hours. We may include instructions around crediting Enable New Zealand if payment has been made. 

Please email enable@enable.co.nz these details: 

  • Either a copy of the application confirmation email (subsidy claim form PDF), 
  • Or the client name, NHI number and, if possible, application reference number. 
  • Reason for cancellation. 

Application incorrect, credit required  

Where a credit is required because an application has been entered incorrectly. 

Please email the following information to email finance@enable.co.nz with ‘Spectacle Credit Request’ in the subject line:  

  • ENA reference number  
  • Customer name  
  • Customer NHI number  
  • Purchase order number  
  • Reason why the application needs to be credited.  

Error in application, subsidy remains  

If an error has been made in the application and there is still subsidy remaining. 

Please use the Spectacle App to make a claim for the balance required. You don’t need to cancel the first application.  

Overpayment or underpayment received  

Please email the following information to finance@enable.co.nz with ‘Incorrect spectacle subsidy payment’ in the subject line:   

  • ENA reference number 
  • Customer name  
  • Customer NHI number  
  • Purchase order number  
  • Details of the incorrect payment.  

We will adjust the customer record.