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Collecting raw, unfiltered input from customers

The goal to improve our customers' experience is top of mind in all the changes we're making in our organisation as part of our Enable2025 programme. But the Voice of the Customer (VOC) initiative purposefully steps outside the noise of organisational change (for a time) to get raw, unfiltered perspectives from our customers.

Over the past months, members of our Customer Experience project team have engaged with approximately 50 assessors, multiple audiology companies, and one of our top 5 suppliers to ask in-depth questions about their experiences with our brand.

These engagements have been distinct from our normal feedback process. It’s all about getting our customers’ honest feedback and frustrations—a “safe space” that we’ve purposefully initiated as separate from their normal interactions with Enable New Zealand.

In these sessions, we’re not explaining, troubleshooting or even helping. We’re just listening. And that process in and of itself is transformational.

Championing a new kind of customer feedback process  

The feedback we’ve gathered so far has been collated into anonymous profiles that are informing the Enable2025 programme’s Customer Experience approach, as well as our workforce, technology and process change initiatives. These sessions are a start—a small sampling of a new kind of feedback we want to become the new normal in our organisation.

This is the kind of feedback that doesn’t start with a compliment or a complaint, but rather starts with a proactive desire to see things from our customers' perspective.

Getting this perspective means learning everything we can about our customers and all the pressures that are in play for them. This background gives us a much fuller picture of how our service fits into these customers day-to-day experience.

By tapping into this perspective, we can be even more effective as we transform to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations in the future. And by taking the time to stop and listen carefully, we’re acting on our current and future vision to make sure every individual customer feels that they are respected and heard.

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