New Zealand first for cleaning durable medical equipment

Two state-of-the-art equipment cleaning machines are helping Enable New Zealand operate more effectively and improve our services.

Image of Hubscrub cleaning machine sitting in a warehouse

The HubScrub machines arrived in 2018 after a year-long search for a cost-effective cleaning machine.

"We discovered an American-built machine using the latest technology designed for the equipment we manage," said David Andrews (former) Acting General Manager of Enable New Zealand.

The machine is like a dishwasher for disability equipment, providing a high pressure wash and rinse to items like commodes and shower stools. 

The enclosure contains any airborne particles, providing a safe environment for our staff. A key feature of the machine is its Ultra Violet sterilisation cycle, ensuring the equipment is cleaned to an extremely high standard.

"This was the only machine we discovered that used this technology," David adds. "The other advantage is that it's easy to install and move, so it can be relocated when needed."

The machine reduces the risk of contamination because of the UV sterilisation. This helps us provide a consistent level of cleaning, ensuring our customers continue to receive equipment in excellent condition.

Enable New Zealand was one of the first companies to buy a HubScrub in New Zealand. We have two machines; one based in our Hamilton Warehouse and another in Palmerston North. We have hosted a number of people and organisations who have heard about them and wanted to see them in action.

If you are interested in learning more about our HubScrub machines and would like to see how they operate, please contact us on 0800 362 253 or email You can also find out more in our short video below.