New streamlined kiosk allows for accessible sign in

Visitors to our Main Street office now have an improved sign in experience thanks to an accessible self-serve kiosk at the EASIE Living Centre.

image of man using sign in kiosk screen

We wanted to deliver the right customer experience for all visitors, from the moment they entered through the door. 

The kiosk has been designed with accessibility in mind, and we extensively tested it to ensure it can cater to users from a variety of heights, including people using a wheelchair.

Guests can now simply enter their name into the system, and select the person they need to see.

They are also prompted to read and acknowledge our health and safety information, and indicate if they would need assistance in evacuating the building in an emergency.

The kiosk prints out a label, and sends a message to the host to come and greet their visitor. It was introduced following feedback from visitors and staff that a more efficient and easy to use system was needed.

Josephine Fahy, Enable Webmaster who led the project said: "finding the right software to run the kiosk was a challenge, but we finally decided upon WhosOnLocation, a New Zealand-based company to provide the system."

The kiosk is now positioned just inside the EASIE Living store entrance, welcoming guests as soon as they arrive.