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Agile technology transformation paves the way for future growth

At Enable New Zealand, we’re always thinking about ways that we can improve. The changing landscape of disability services is opening the way for us to focus more directly on our end customers: disabled persons and their whānau. Over the last year, we have developed and rolled out a multi-year strategic programme to sharpen this focus. We call it Enable2025.

Fundamentally, this transformation programme is all about our customers—giving them what they need, what they want, and ensuring they feel positive about their experiences with our organisation. The programme will facilitate the delivery of consistent, excellent service.

We’re driving this change through multiple initiatives: technology and process change, workforce development, and customer experience. The first of these, technology change, is a pivotal feature of our change programme.

Our technology platforms are central to delivering the wide range of services we currently provide and, using Agile methodology, we’re changing the way we implement technology. We can quickly get solutions “to market” and seek feedback from users so we can continue improving, anticipating and meeting their needs.

Getting to know our customers

One of the big changes we’ve made in the technology transformation is the addition of a more sophisticated Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). This CRM will help us to stay up to date with what’s happening with customers, and it will make it easier for us to make sure our customers and their needs are at the centre of all our decisions.

Enhancing collaboration

We’re also transforming the way we engage and communicate as an organisation. We’re collaborating in the cloud more than ever, which makes it seamless for our teams to work off-site when needed. Our head office in Palmerston North is a flexi-desking environment that accommodates contractors and ‘touch down’ staff just as easily as its regular on-site staff. All offices and meeting rooms throughout our sites are equipped with ZOOM virtual meeting technology that makes for simple and effective team engagement, reducing the need for travel.

Building foundations for a better future

This change programme is an ongoing process, but we’re already seeing results. We recently rolled out a new service app, and our customers immediately responded. The user experience is more streamlined and it’s easier than ever to use the service. And thanks to our agile approach, we’re already releasing enhancements to the software to make it even better.

In upcoming months we’ll be rolling out a range of new apps across all our services. Our Acting General Manger, David Andrews, said, “Changing the way we implement technology is allowing us to turn users feedback into action in a much shorter timeframe than we have ever managed before. We’re finally getting to a position where technology is an enabler to improving services rather than an obstacle.”