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Hello, in this session we will cover how to return items which have been on loan.

All equipment which has been marked as dispatched will be displayed in the return screen.

If after checking the item it is found to be damaged beyond repair, refer to the retire equipment video to remove the item from the short-term loan inventory.

The return screen is located in the dashboard section of the navigation bar.

There are two parts to returning short-term loan equipment, the first being returning it, which places the equipment in a quarantine location and cancels the recall/loan record.

Any items in the quarantine location do not show as available to a therapist.

The second part is to move the items to a permanent location once the items have been cleaned, which displays as available to therapists.

If there are only one or two items to return and the return record is either displayed on screen or easily identified by scrolling down the page, this may be a quicker way to return these items rather than scanning them.

Click the bank tickbox at the left of the return record and click the “Return Items” button which displays.

To return multiple items at once complete the following steps.

From the return screen click the “Scan Items” box. Scan all the barcodes of the items to be returned.

Click “Return”.

Click the select all box and click “Return Items”.

Click the white “X” to close the equipment on loan screen.

These items will now display as a status of “In Quarantine” in the “View Equipment” screen.

Once the items have been checked and cleaned, they can be moved to an available location.