Reissuing equipment

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Hello, in this section we will cover how to reissue equipment from one patient to another without having to return, request and dispatch.

This task could be used when the initial request has the therapists name as the client, and you are wanting to transfer it to the actual patient you have assessed who needs it.

The reissue screen is located in the dashboard section of the navigation bar.

To start the reissue, click the “Search” button.

Then click the “Barcode” box.

Enter the barcode in the textbox under the word “Contains”, then press the “Enter” key twice.

Click the “Reissue” button.

Change the “Hire Type” if required.

Click the “Client” drop-down menu to search for and select your patient, then click “Submit”.

The existing loan record will be closed, and a new loan record created for the new patient.

The new item will now display against the new patient in the reissue screen.

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