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Hello, in this session we will cover how to record notes or allocate recall request tasks to the initiating therapist.

If you are not the initiating therapist but you have approval to extend the recall date please refer to the recall edits video.

In the recall screen you can search for any information using the headings in the screen.

For example, to search for recalled records issued by a specific therapist, click search, tick the “Assessor” box, enter the therapist’s name and press the “Enter” key twice.

To search by recalls becoming due, click search, tick the “Next Date Due Back” box, click the “Is” menu to choose the timeframe you require, then click “Search”.

The recall record will remain displaying until all loan items have been returned.

Therefore, there may be some items listed as “On Loan”, and some items listed as “Returned”.

To record a note against the recalled record, click the “Recall” button against the relevant record.

Click either “Contact Patient Successful” or “Contact Patient Unsuccessful”, and enter the related note in the notes field.

Once completed click “Submit”.

To request an extension short-term loan to long-term loan replenishment or contact patient against the recall record, click the “Recall” button against the relevant record.

For short-term loan to long-term loan requests, please ensure the request type for the patient is “MOH”.

Click the relevant radio button and enter a note in the notes field, for example “patient requested to keep it”.

Only items ticked “Transfer Allowed” are able to be transferred from short to long-term.

Once completed click “Submit”.

This action will send a recall request to the initiating therapist.

This will display as a link in the therapist request dashboard.

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