Merging recall records

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Hello, in this session we will cover how to merge recall records.

Separate recall records happen when the request has a mix of available and stock demand items.

This type of request carries two separate dispatch records and therefore two separate recall records once they are all dispatched.

Another example may be where the occupational therapist has done a request for a patient and a physiotherapist has completed a separate request for the same patient within a similar time frame.

Please note once any records are merged, they cannot be separated.

The merge option is located in the recall screen.

Click the drop-down icon in the “Client” column and choose “Sort by Asc”.

This will list the names together.

Check the client name, NHI, and type are the same for each record.

Tick the records to merge and click the “Merge” button which will display.

Click one of the names from the “Select Loan to Merge Into” drop-down menu.

Double check the name details.

Click “Submit”.

The items in the recall records will now display in one record.

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