Housing request without EMS advice tutorial video

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Video title: Housing request without EMS advice tutorial video

Video URL: Housing request with EMS advice tutorial video

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(Male presenter – Caleb)

Hello and welcome to the tutorial for submitting a Basic Housing request or a Complex Housing request which doesn’t require EMS Advice.   

This tutorial starts at the point where you have completed the EMS Portal.

Scroll to the top of the EMS Assessor Section Summary screen and click PDF. Please note content is made up.

If you don’t have a Save option, right click on your mouse and click Show navigation Panel Buttons.

Then click File > Save As. Locate where you want to save this file, give it a file name and click Save.

Once you have saved this document and have the other supporting documentation, such as Property Owner Approval, log into ProWorkflow.

Click on New Project Request.

From the Use Template drop-down, type in “MOH” and click on the MOH Housing request that is applicable. This will automatically fill in the team and staff where it needs to go.

Enter the title in the format displayed – patient surname, first name and address

Move down and click Select Files.

If you want all the files that are grouped together, click the first file while holding down the Shift key on your keyboard, then click the last file.

If you only want some files, click on the first file you want and, while holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard, click on each file until you have all the files you want to add highlighted.

Click Open. These will load into your Project Request.

Click Save. This request will display in your Projects Request tab until an Enable New Zealand staff member has changed it into a project.

Once it has changed into a project your request will display in your Projects Page tab.