Housing request with EMS advice tutorial video

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Video title: Housing request with EMS advice tutorial video

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(Male presenter – Caleb)

Hello and welcome to the tutorial for submitting a MOH Housing request which has required EMS Advice.

Please note, patient content is made up.

This tutorial starts at the point where you have received an Outcome Summary, you have saved any the other supporting documents and your Request is able to be considered for funding.

Please note you will not have to re-add documents which you submitted during your Request for EMS Advice.

Please note you will not need to submit a request via RTL.

From the EMS Portal, scroll to the top of the EMS Assessor Section Summary screen and click PDF

Right-click on your mouse and click Save As

Locate where you want to save this file, give it a name and click Save

Once you have saved this document and have the other supporting documents such as Property Owner Approval, etc., log into ProWorkflow

After logging into Pro WorkFlow - Please note, your patient project will have moved from the EMS Advice section to the MOH Complex Housing or MOH Basic Housing section of the Projects Page.

From the Projects Page tab, click on the name of your patient

Along with your Comms Task from the EMS Advice request you will now have another task in this project called “Housing Request – Attach Rationale Document”

Click on this task title, then click the Messages tab

Click Add Message

Please enter your message in the body of the message, for example, “Hello, Documents for Housing request.”

Move down and click Select Files

If you want only some files within the folder, click the first file you want and while holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard, click on each file until you have all the files you want to add highlighted.

Click Open

Tick the name Natasja Chapman listed on the right of the message and click Send

This project will now be managed as a housing request, which you will continue to see until the modification has been completed.