Editing recall records

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Hello, in this session we will cover how to edit recall records.

This may be required to complete a recall extension if you are not the initiating therapist, change the request type, or add a note.

The recall screen is located in the dashboard section of the navigation bar.

First of all, search and locate the required recall record.

Click the “Search” icon.

Tick the “Client” box.

Enter the patient NHI in the field under the word “Contains” and press “Enter” twice.

Hover to the left of the record, click the blue dots and click “Edit”.

In this screen you can edit the request type by selecting another option from the drop-down menu.

This will also update the recall date of the items.

Click “Okay” to the message which displays.

To extend the recall date, edit the “Date Due Back” of the item.

To add a recall note, click “Add New” in the recall notes area.

Select the type of note from the drop-down menu.

Record your note.

Once you have made your changes, click “Update”.

The “Next Due Date Back” is the earliest date recorded against an item and any notes saved will display in the screen.

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