Dispatching requested items

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Hello and welcome to the Enable New Zealand short-term loan system.

In this session we will cover how to dispatch requested items from your short-term loan equipment pool at your hospital.

If the dispatch screen is not your default screen when logging in it is located in the dashboard section of the navigation bar.

There are two parts to dispatching short-term loan equipment, the first being assigning the actual bar codes to the items requested and the second marking the record as dispatched.

This second part removes the dispatch record from the dispatch list, changes the original requests status to dispatched and creates a return record so it can be returned, creates a recall/loan record to manage the recall of the equipment and creates a reissue record to allow the therapist to transfer the item from one patient to another.

The records for the status of requested have requested items which are available in your store and are ready to dispatch.

The records where the status of stock demand have requested items which are not available.

The “Ship To” column will advise you where the therapist would like the equipment delivered to.

The delivery instructions will provide you further information regarding the request.

For example, which pickup time if “Pickup Client” had been chosen as the “Ship To” option, or the barcode number if the item has already been physically issued.

Once you have picked the physical items from your store, click the “Assign Equipment” button in the related dispatch record.

This is the first part of the dispatching task.

Click in the field under “Select Equipment”.

Either scan the barcode, start typing the barcode or scroll down to select the barcode of the related item.

This field will list the barcodes of the items recorded in the system as being available for the item listed.

Once all items have a barcode recorded against them, click “Update”.

The dispatch record will now be displayed in green text and have a status of “Ready To Dispatch”.

The “Ready to Dispatch” heading number in the dispatch dashboard will have increased by one.

The second part of the dispatching task is marking it as dispatched.

To complete this for a single record click the blank tickbox at the left of the dispatch record.

Click the “Mark as Dispatched” button which displays.

Another option to marking as dispatched is to assign equipment to a group of dispatch records and then mark them as dispatched in bulk.

Assign the equipment barcodes for any amount of dispatch records.

The number of records waiting to be marked as dispatched will display in the dispatch dashboard.

Click on the number under the “Ready to Dispatch” heading.

Click the select all tickbox as shown.

Click the “Mark as Dispatched” button which displays.

This will dispatch all records you selected and revert the number under the “Ready to Dispatch” heading to zero.  

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