View dispatch by urgency month

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View dispatch by urgency month

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This is to show you, ah, the report that's available that displays the dispatches, ah, which are broken into month and by, uhm, urgent and non-urgent.

So we find this on the dashboard under reports, and "Dispatch urgency by month". Now at the moment this is available, ah, under the role of DHB managers, but if other users feel they should require it then we can apply it, ah, further along.

You just click on the link there. You can set the dispatch dates, uhm, using the calendar to put in the from, to and then just clicking go. The main option you may be tempted to use is obviously selecting your warehouse from dropdown lists. Ok, so it displays all the dispatches per month, and they're broken into urgents and non-urgents.

So, to display the underlying data, there’s a couple of ways of doing that. You can just click on the block, ah, there and you get the underlying data option, and this will display in a separate window, all that data that you can, uhm,, you can use the filter and sort to, uhm, set it up how you wish.

The other option is to be able to export the underlying data, and that's just by clicking on the export button. I tend to use Excel, and then from in the "Export the" field, you change that to "underlying data" and just click on export.

So that will start loading in the bottom left of your screen, and then once it's ready to go, you just click on the icon there, and it will display all the underlying data.

So with this, ah, spreadsheet, uhm, I'm unable to change the columns, or the order of the columns and stuff, but as, uhm, as soon as you hit "Enable editing", you can do exactly what, how, you know, you can order it however you like within using the standard Excel functions. There's quite a bit of information there for you to, uhm, have a look at, but as I say, you can sort and filter it so that it works for you. And that's it, thank you.