Cancelling a whole request

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Hello, in this session we will cover how to cancel a whole request.

This cancel request action needs to be treated with a bit of care.

This cancel button not only deletes the dispatch record, but it deletes the whole related request.

This is what it is designed to do but you need to ensure you have not already dispatched other items within the original request.

For example, you may have a request with two dispatch records, one requested and one stock demand.

If you dispatch the requested items and then later cancel the stock demand items, you will also delete the request with the dispatched items.

In this scenario you would complete the cancel request item task.

These are the checks to complete before cancelling the request and dispatch record.

Check with therapists to ensure they want the whole request deleted.

If yes, confirm the item and the date requested.

Check the dispatch screen to see if all the items requested are displayed.

If all the items don’t display, click the “Dispatched” number.

Search for the client.

If there are dispatch records within the items and the same requested date, complete the cancel request item task.

Click the white “X” to close the screen.

If the dispatch records do display all the items, they can be cancelled.

To cancel the request and dispatch, from the dispatch screen hover on the dispatch line.

Click the blank tick box to the left of the request.

Complete this action for all dispatch records relating to the request.

Click the “Cancel” button which displays.

The dispatch and request records will be deleted.

An email will be sent to the initiating therapist to confirm the cancellation of each item.

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