Actioning recall requests

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Hello, in this section we will cover how to action recall requests which have been assigned to you to action.

As the initiating therapist who completed a short-term loan request for your patient, any recall requests set with an option of extension, “STL-LTL” or “contact patient”, the related recall action will be automatically assigned to you.

Any action tasks will be displayed as a link in the request dashboard.

To access the task list, click on the number under the open recall tasks.

This is where you can view a summary of what action has been requested.

From here, click the “Action” button.

For extension recall actions, if you don’t wish to extend the date, select the original recall date from the calendar.

Enter a note and click “Submit”.

If you do wish to extend the date, click the calendar to select the date you wish to extend it to, and click “Submit”.

For short-term loan to long-term loan actions ensure the “Hire Request Type” is MOH.

Complete the eligibility details and click “Submit”.

This will close the recall record, write off the short-term loan item, and send an email to Enable New Zealand for them to replenish the equipment.

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